Friday, December 24, 2010

The Middle East (or West Asia in MEA parlance)

The aim of this blog is to keep upto date with West Asian current affairs (in particular the GCC) and express views on the Middle East in the eyes of India.

The blog will also cover a wide array of subjects impacting politics in the Middle East. I intend to post views on major incidents in the past such as the Israel - Hezbollah war, local politics of the UAE (as a result of the fallout from Dubai's economic collapse) and Mumbai Attacks (26/11).

The people of India and the Middle East have had historical relations for well over 2000 years. 

The strength of these relations over history has always been related to the sea trade and the geography.

India's closest ally in the Middle East has always been the Sultanate of Oman. My next post will be a walkthrough of relations between the Sultanate of Oman and the republic of India.

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  1. There was an very acute need of this blog! We Indians have been so overwhelmed by West-centered education and media, that we have lost touch with our West Asia.

    The fact, that we think, Pakistan has an automatic advantage in this region due to ideological proximity, and India cannot do anything much anyway, has also contributed to disinterest. The Indics have also not been paying interest to the Islamic world, as many are disgusted with all that has been perpetrated on India in the name of Islam.

    Hopefully this blog would correct this attitude. India has huge interests connected to the region. This blog would bring some semblance of balance.

  2. Not only to India,but to Pakistan and Bangladesh. I know what the media can do and it's good we have such blogs to read the news from normal everyday people.

    call Bangladesh